About Us

In order to empower citizen’s role in decision-making, Syri i Vizionit is implementing the “Active Citizenship” project, which aims at a general engagement of Kosovo people in being part of decision-making. It started implementing since January 2012. In its first year, the project is concentrated in two Kosovo regions (Pejë and Prizren) that include 11 municipalities.

Objectives in which the project is focused on are:

•    Encouraging of civic initiatives through supporting initial ideas of individuals, informal groups, community organizations and other groups of civil society in Kosovo.
•    Capacity building of individuals and groups to advocate and take actions for improving their conditions, particularly groups in rural areas – youth, women and marginalized community.
•    Functionalizing of an assistance office that would elaborate initiatives and needs of the groups of interest.
•    Starting of an online communication to tackle on joint initiatives
Goal of the work in this project are individuals that had or undertook any initiative, informal groups, groups brought together ad hoc for a certain goal at the interest of the community, community organizations, NGOs, other groups of civil society with which interaction ways with local and central institutions, businesses, donors and other institutions were worked to be found.

Within the objectives will be included the activities such as: Direct meetings with citizens, establishment of focus groups, building of an interaction in local communities and municipalities, joint meetings of the community with institutions, technical support to actions undertaken by the community, trainings, administrative support for actions of the groups, experience exchange, assistance in functionalizing of the groups, coordination with other stakeholders, including institutions, donors, businesses, etc.
The project is a pilot one and it is being implemented in five local communities in Pejë and Prizren regions. It has impacted on stimulation of other groups to impact on decision-making. As such, the project has impacted on all citizens, in general. At the same time, local institutions were an important partner throughout the implementation of this project. It has impacted and will continue to do so in making municipal officials increase the level of transparency through meetings with citizens, as well as increase of their efficiency on involvement of citizens in decision-making.

Taking into account that a part of important competencies still have not been transferred from the central to the local level, there were also initiatives that came out directly from the focused groups to react in central level, as well. Through the liaison office that Syri i Vizionit is coordinating, it will be made possible that MPs from the municipalities included in the project will carry on with addressing of proposals and ideas coming from their regions to the national level.