About active citizenship

Active citizenship is not an engagement for someone else, but it rather is an involvement for ourselves, for each and every one of us, same as it is an engagement for authorities, businesses, organizations, community.
It is the way how we engage with one another and create together a system of joint values for a better society.

Active citizenship is referred to capacity that citizens and communities have to voluntarily work together, directly or through elected representatives, to exercise power at the function of achieving joint goals.

A good part of today’s inventions were created with initiatives of volunteer groups which are either community groups or profiled groups in unions, political parties, religious groups, NGOs and community groups in general. At its greatest part, the social reform that we enjoy today was promoted by promoted by volunteer groups.

Nowadays, due to different changes in society, governments have recognized the importance of volunteer movement and they are concerned about the notable attraction that active citizenship does.

What is accepted today is that the nature of volunteerism is changing. Citizens’ activation is neither a refusal nor a lack of trust on institutions, but it comes from the idea that individuals and groups might feel that they are not sufficiently heard in relation to changes that have impact on community.