How to be an active citizen?

Join an activity or a group that is working to improve your community, or that is treating a national or an international issue.

Develop a formal program for initiatives’ support
Support community projects or volunteer activities
Allow your staff to join different organizations
Adopt accrediting and acknowledgement systems

Promote awareness of community activities by covering them wider in local and international mediums
Explore new ways of community linkages

Promote active citizenship and work with active citizens.
Reinforce the ethics of public service.
Promote group insurance schemes.
Provide assistance to cover meetings’ costs.
Support trainings at the national and local level.
Provide time-off schemes.
Recognize voluntary activities and community activities during applications for work.
Present a topic of active citizenship each year.
Present national, presidential awards to recognize outstanding contribution in civic life.
Explore new ways of community linkages.
Involve citizenship in school curriculum.