Active Citizenship

The concept of active citizenship is a very wide concept, whereas there are many opinions and formulations about it. The thing that almost all agree more or less about and we think of here is the concept, according to which, engagement of individuals and groups in public life and issues is implied.

Furthermore, there is a general accord that active citizenship deals with involvement of individuals in public life and issues that might be done in local, national and international level.
The term is specifically used in the local level to refer to citizens that would get involved actively in communities’ life, on tackling issues that might bring changes or to resist against unwanted changes. Active citizens are all the ones that develop knowledge, skills and understanding in order to be able to take informed decisions regarding their communities, and jobs with aim to improve quality of life there.

(This website is part of the “Active Citizenship” project which is implemented by "Syri i Vizionit" from Pejë, funded by the Olof Palme International Centre and supported by the Swedish Government. The website presents the issues faced by Kosovo citizens and different groups of interest, while it also serves as an advocacy tool for these issues toward the local and central level institutions.)